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Company Overview

FRANTZ Manufacturing Company is a privately held corporation located in the heartland of The United States of America since 1909.   FRANTZ operates two divisions, the Bearing Division and the Sterling® Steel Ball Division, located within a mile of each other in Sterling, Illinois.  Collectively, operations take place in 15,330m2 with approximately 80 employees.




FRANTZ manufactures conveyor bearings, Conveyor wheels and ball transfer units in material handling and custom equipment manufacturing and manufactures steel balls for the automotive, defense and bearing applications.


Bearing Division:

                    -  Conveyor Bearings                    -  Conveyor / Skate Wheels

                    -  Bearing Adapters                      -  Overhead Conveyor Wheels and Bearings

                    -  Ball Transfers                           -  Sheaves, Idlers, Pulleys and Guide Wheels

                    -  Specialty items for Material Handling


Sterling® Steel Ball Division:

                    -  Drilled Balls       -  Solid Balls     -  Burnishing Media


Industries Served

FRANTZ products are used for manufacturing within the following industries:

          -  OEM Conveyor Manufacturers              -  Automotive

          -  Agriculture                                          -  Paint and Cosmetics

          -  US Department of Defense                   -  Aviation Ground Support Equipment

          -  Packaging Equipment                          -  Manufacturing Equipment



FRANTZ prides itself for being a good steward of our environment.  All FRANTZ products are RoHS compliant.  Additionally, FRANTZ continues to make investments in waste management to protect the environment from hazardous material having the potential to enter the environment from a production or recycling standpoint



FRANTZ Manufacturing Company is committed to meeting the expectations of its customers, which drives a commitment to quality and continuous improvement and to the performance of FRANTZ employees and suppliers.  The Sterling® Steel Ball division is registered IATF 16949:2016.  FRANTZ utilizes the same Quality Management System process and procedures in both the Sterling® Steel Ball and Bearing Divisions.  In-house testing facilities provide the quality assurance that gives customers peace of mind regarding the products delivered.


Delivery and Service Quality - FRANTZ monitors performance on 'delivery date versus promised delivery date' against their standard 99% on-time and complete expectation.  A dedicated Customer Service team answers customer phone calls immediately, without the need to leave a message.  Working with customers' demand planning group, FRANTZ virtually elimantes late shipments.




FRANTZ has been a longstanding member of CEMA, the Conveyors Equipment Manufacturing Association.  In fact, FRANTZ engineers continue their involvement in helping to publish product application standards for conveyor bearings.



Founded over 100 years ago in Sterling, Illinois in 1909, FRANTZ Manufacturing Company has a long and successful history of being a manufacturer and marketer of conveyor system components and steel ball products earning the repeat business of a long list of customers. 

FRANTZ' manufacture and distribution of the popular "Hustler Speed King" roller skates became the springboard for the production of conveyor wheels - often referred today as skate wheels. 

Growth in the conveyor wheel business spawned the production of bearings for conveyor rollers and FRANTZ became a major industry player of conveyor components for the material handling industry.  In 1947, the Sterling® Steel Ball division was established to manufacture and supply steel balls for bearing and wheel prodcution. 



FRANTZ sets the standard of excellence in the conveyor component and steel ball market segments where it competes.  Consultative working relationships with its customers, engineer to engineer, enables FRANTZ to innovate solutions that solve customer problems and deliver value, rather than just sell product.  Lean production methods provide an enviable track record of on time delivery in reasonable lot sizes that improves its customer's return on investment.


John Gvozdjak
President and Chief Operating Officer
Greg Yemm
Senior Vice President, Sales
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